My Bonnie (set me free)

Art Ceilidh — My Bonnie (set me free) - single
Release date : Oct. 24, 2013
Label : TeRiRem

Art Ceilidh released the Single 'My Bonie (set me free)' in advance of the new studio album 'Backelor's Pride', set for early 2015

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Art Ceilidh | Si Mhor | Telenn Gwad — Celtomania. All Tribes
Release date : Mar. 17, 2000
Label : Scetis, TeRiRem

Art Ceilidh, together with Ivan Smirnov, the best acoustic guitarist of Russia, presented a program named "At the other end of the world" at the Edinburgh festival Fringe'99 in Scotland. It was a real success. Collection of Celtic music - the album CELTOMANIA - emerged as a result. It was produced by Mikhail Smirnov via label SKETIS in the frame of the project "All Tribes". CELTOMANIA united three groups: Art Ceilidh, Si Mhor and Telenn Gwad. Music of this album is a manifestation of syncretic tendency, and presents several compositions, played in traditional manner, together with electric-acoustic avant-guard fusion.

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